THE EDITOR’S DESK :: A Maybe Not So Great But Then Again You Might Like It This Way Micro Mini Review – harvey gold age 8

by Harvey Gold 02.04.2016

I recently tried a Brooklyn Brewery Lord Sorachi Imperial Saison. This is kind of a big deal. We don’t often see Sorachi Ace hops, and this is a limited, draft only, release, so I was kind of excited to try it. It came to me very cold, presenting almost no nose, the citrusy, a little peppery […]

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BEER CLINIC :: A Bottle a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: at the Master Brewer’s Conference

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 01.24.2016

This year I was privileged to give the opening talk at the annual meeting of the MBAA, the Master Brewers Association of the Americas. My charge was to discuss the health effects of beer. My audience: the premiere brewers’ organization in the US. Present a scientific talk about beer to a group of professional brewers who know as much […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Winter Arrives… with Beers, a Burger, and a Bowl Game!

by Harvey Gold 12.23.2015

I’ve always carried with me a sense of seasonal disbelief. I grew up in Akron, Ohio, once (and maybe still) the American city credited with the least number of sunny days… along with being, by far, the most disparaged city in America, framed in countless books, films, and comedic monologues as a dirty little industrial […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Among the Coalfields of Northeast Pennsylvania: Breaker Brewing Company

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 12.04.2015

Breaker Brewing Company, BBC, is named for the coal breaker, a large structure used to break and sort coal as it comes out of the mines. Breakers, once common features in the hills of Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA), have all but disappeared, due to the collapse of the mining industry in 1959 when a river breach […]

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The Editor’s Desk :: Home Brew – Chocolate (Sour) Cherry Stout

by Harvey Gold 10.05.2015

YBN pal, Taylor McIntosh plays sax and keys for my band, Half Cleveland. An excellent musician and a great guy, Taylor is also a man of science (don’t get him started on Nicola Tesla) and as a logical extension, a fine brewer. For a time, he worked at the award winning Thirsty Dog Brewing in […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: The Big Eating and Drinking Review … and stuff

by Harvey Gold 08.27.2015

There’s an art installation here in downtown Akron, Ohio, within a teeny tiny common space possessing a few tables, benches… a picnic area cum smoking section on the edge of what is now being called Akron’s Historic District. My band, Half Cleveland, rehearsed in the building that sits just across the alley from this little […]

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BEER CLINIC :: The Elusive Gose – How Far Would You Run to Catch a Gose?

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 07.29.2015

Gose (rhymes with “Rosa”) is a very old beer style that is starting to generate interest among craft brewers, if only because it is so challenging to brew. Summer is the best time to drink these unusual beers, but gose’s can be hard to find, and some can be downright unpleasant to drink. In order […]

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FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Off to Exotic… wait for it… Pittsburgh!

by Harvey Gold 07.01.2015

As many of you know, we produced a video at Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh, PA. It was great, but it was also in and out of the city, so I had experienced little to nothing of Pittsburgh outside of crossing bridges, identifying rust, and traveling to their Ikea (closest one to our homebase of […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: The Big Eating and Drinking Review – Shrimp, Tequilla, and a Red Ale??

by Harvey Gold 06.17.2015

Chase Cutting “Where ya been Harv? Had anything noteworthy to eat or drink?” I’ve been taking notes, pictures, videotaping myself on an iPhone in bars and restaurants in order to insure my notes are properly taken and legible. The good news is that you won’t have to watch these videos… or rather I won’t have […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Church Brew Works

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 05.27.2015

It was late March, early springtime, the time of year when many religions celebrate the start of a new year. It was the time for Easter and Passover. I had to face it –it was time to go to Church. I’m referring here to a church-based brewery that I haven’t visited in a long time: […]

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