Basar Durian Fever: The Tasty Talk of Purworejo!

Basar Durian Fever: The Tasty Talk of Purworejo!

Hey, durian fans! Ready to catch up on the latest durian hype? Well, buckle up because we’re about to spill the beans on the “Basar” durian from Purworejo.  Let’s spill the deets on this special durian and find out what’s got everyone hooked.

Basar Durian in Kaligesing District

In the heart of durian paradise, Kaligesing District in Purworejo Regency is where the magic happens. And at the center of it all is the  durian, stealing the show for its unique flavor. Meet Mbah Basar, the 78-year-old durian wizard from Hulosobo Village.

Basar Durian Fever: The Tasty Talk of Purworejo!

Basar Durian Through the Ages

Mbah Basar inherited a hundred-year-old durian tree from his folks, turning his backyard into a durian haven. With a taste that stands out, they named it “Basar” durian, a flavor legacy passed down through the generations.

“It’s been in the family for ages. It’s got a bit of bitterness, thick and sticky flesh, and a sweet kick. Not your regular sweet durian,”  spilled during our chill chat on a lazy Sunday (17/12/2023).

Basar Durian Price Tag

Now, here’s the cool part – even though it’s making headlines, “Basar” durian won’t burn a hole in your pocket. A medium one goes for IDR 25,000, and a large one is a steal at IDR 30,000. That’s a sweet deal for a durian causing a daily stir.

What’s the Fuss About? The Irresistible Charm of  Durian

So, what’s the magic ingredient in the durian? It’s the perfect combo of bitterness, thickness, stickiness, and sweetness. Unlike your regular durians,  durian brings a flavor explosion that keeps locals hooked.

Durian Enthusiasts’ Dilemma: Indenting for Durian

But wait, there’s more! “Basar” durian has become so popular that enthusiasts are placing indents just to secure their piece of the durian pie. Yep, people can’t wait to sink their teeth into this one-of-a-kind durian, adding a whole new level of excitement to the local durian scene.

Conclusion: “Basar” Durian – More Than Just a Fruit

As “Basar” durian continues to steal the show in Purworejo, it’s more than a fruit; it’s a local legend. From Mbah  backyard to enthusiasts placing indents, this durian is a symbol of flavor, tradition, and community joy. If you find yourself in the area, don’t miss out on the durian craze – it’s not just a fruit; it’s a cultural sensation